All Natural Anti-Aging Skincare

Vegan & Luxurious! 

Custom Formulated with the best science & chemists in skincare & Jackie Jensen, a singer, songwriter, actress, model and humanitarian.

Jackie wanted to offer her friends, fans and people all over the world a line of products that are non-toxic, 100% Clean beauty, and as close to nature as possible.

Jackie also wanted to help people, and animals all over the world. So a portion of the proceeds are donated to different charities each month. Feel good using Jackie J. Skin products! Your use helps us MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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People want a dramatic difference in their skin and they want to look and feel younger!

JACKIE J. SKIN is an Easy to Use 4 Step Process that will help you achieve the BEST SKIN of your LIFE!


 We are PROUD that our products are effective on both MEN & WOMEN!




“The 4 Step Process to Great Skin” was Created by Jackie J. herself after 30+ Years of Watching her mother successfully market her own skincare. Jackie wanted to create a Innovative Luxury brand that successfully helped make a difference in men & women’s skin.  Jackie has sensitive skin, so she created this line especially for people with sensitive skin. It is also highly effective for oily, dry and normal types of skin as well!

Step #1. –  Exfoliate & Cleanse with “Clean Canvas”

Step #2. –  Moisturize and Deeply Hydrate with our Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum Called “It’s a Hit!”

Step #3.  –  Tighten & Firm Skin, while smoothing away Wrinkles &  Fine Lines with Our Botox in a Bottle product “Major Key” 

Step #4. –  Balance & Perfect skin with the nourishing creme “Perfect Harmony”

We keep it Natural

All our products are sourced from botanicals and are Holistic and Natural. We pride ourselves on not being animal tested as well. We are proud to be from nature and we are finding ways to Recycle Responsibly and give back to Mother Earth as Well!


Easy To Follow System

 With our easy to follow music notes & steps on the packaging, you will be ‘singin and dancin’ your way in to the very best skin. Plus, we’ve done 1000’s of hours of research into what ingredients work best together, and this 4 step system is custom formulated for YOU TO SEE RESULTS!

Wonder Woman

Ladies, are you ready to literally turn back the hands of time?

Do you want youthful GLOWING SKIN?

Your face at 60 is the FACE YOU HAVE EARNED….

High Quality Skincare is a MUST!

We are confident that both Men and Women will see RESULTS 

If you are ready to see healthy, radiant and youthful skin, Then ORDER Our 4 Step System for Beautiful Skin TODAY!

Macho Meets Youthful Man

Let’s be honest, we want the Men in our lives to stay handsome and attractive FOREVER. We know that to do that, they need to invest in more than just splashes of water to the face and shaving cream. They need high quality skincare day & night.

 Here at Jackie J. Skin, we want to educate our Men with the knowledge they deserve to keep their skin looking youthful & healthy. We believe in SKINCARE FOR ALL!


Here at Jackie J. Skin we love the USA and are proud to source our ingredients from this beautiful land. We strive to keep jobs here in America and are custom made for your face right here in the USA!

Women Owned

We think women Rock & We stand for Entrepreneurship for all. We are proud to be female owned & created. Our owner,  Jackie J. seeks to empower women to own their own businesses. She is also finding ways to give back and encourage young entrepreneurs. 

Lets Make the World Better Together

Here at Jackie J. Skin, we believe the world is a beautiful and fragile place. We believe we are stronger together. We donate a portion of our proceeds monthly to different worth charities. Some examples of charities we have given to are:

 “Drop for Drop” they help build clean water wells around the world for people who don’t have access to clean water. “I stand with my pack” an animal rescue non-profit who helps rescue dogs out of shelters and find them fosters or people to rescue them. They also help save a lot of medical dogs who need Help from Vets immediately so they don’t die. These are two causes close to Jackie’s heart. 

However, We are constantly finding new worthy charities to donate to. We believe with your help in ordering Jackie J. Skincare we can continue to Make a difference and help others. If you would like to make a proposal for charities we can donate to please write to

Also, another way we give back is by recycling our bottles. We also are not animal tested, we are 100% vegan & gluten-free. We suggest you find ways to recycle your bottles as well! We look forward to continuing to grow and help those in need. Help us make a difference & Order monthly so we can increase our donations. Your small contribution helps make a huge difference. 


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